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Barney Confrey, Operating Partner

In business, a customer’s first impression is incredibly important, so we recognize the value of having an excellent valet service. Our restaurant guests frequently praise the Southwest Valet’s attendants for their friendly and accommodating service. When we are in need of any last minute changes, Southwest Valet is always ready to respond. Southwest is competitive and their liability insurance policy covers any potential hazards. Southwest always responds prompt to any questions or minor issues that may occur.
Southwest Valet has been a great partner in taking care of Fleming’s guests. Valet service is one aspect of my business that I rarely have to think about because Southwest is there for us every day.

Peter Wagener, Commercial Property Developer

"We have used Southwest Valet's services and expertise to help us improve our properties’ image and maximize income as well. In fact, since switching over service to Southwest, we have seen an 50% increase in our parking profits!"

Leroy Godfrey, General Manager

Southwest Valet is, in my opinion, the finest valet service in the Tucson area. This is a company where the mission of providing the highest quality valet service is indeed a reality. In the time Southwest Valet has been our valet service, I can say with absolute confidence that Sullivan’s reputation for outstanding service starts in the parking lot. The employees of Southwest Valet are knowledgeable, professional, and courteous and above all, provide a warm welcome to all our guests. I can think of no greater accolade than to urge other firms seeking the very best in valet accommodation for their patrons to consider the finest service in Tucson, Southwest Valet.

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