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Southwest Valet has remained true to its core philosophy of building trust and creating value in all its deliverables throughout the years of service to its clients. With its commitment to smart-growth, the owners of Southwest Valet have been experiencing a steady growth of 15% - 20% each year. The concepts of a stimulating company culture were instituted and cultivated since its humble beginning in the year 2000 to include the vision of its thriving future plans of expansion. Employing innovative training processes, promoting experienced staff into management, and creating the concept of a family with good-fellowship have all helped this small company grow into the best and most successful valet parking company in Tucson, Arizona.

Although the original service of the company was only valet parking and a reputation of excellence in customer service, over the years Southwest Valet has evolved into a full service parking management company with the services offering valet parking, commercial garage parking and surface parking lot management services to clients in various industries and market segments throughout Arizona.


Partner with Us for Success

Southwest Valet has been providing professional Valet Parking, Surface Parking, Parking Garage Management, and Special Event Parking services since 2000. We deliver the most comfortable, secured, and safe parking management services for your guests.


Our Mission

Southwest Valet is committed to offer the highest level of customer service and leave immaculate lasting impressions to the clients it serves. We closely adhere to the following standards:

  • First class, five-star standards
  • Maintaining polished, uniform and professional look
  • Belief in personal growth
  • Highly respectful treatment of both staff and clients
  • Excellence in customer service
  • Integrity and honesty


Our Philosophy

Southwest Valet perpetuates its friendly culture, core values, and unique brand-identity that adduces success with the following:

  • Empower, train, and mentor
  • Promote from within
  • Maintain culture within as one family
  • Your company is only as good as the people in it


Our Commitment

Being a highly responsive company committed to provide valet parking services that increase access and establish a safe and welcoming environment, Southwest Valet is aspired by its uncompromising sense of purpose. Southwest Valet continues to position itself as the best in the parking management industry by satisfying the unique needs of each individual client while striving to meet and exceed the expectations of its customers for service and safety.


Our Motto

Our motto that we strive to live by each and every day is, “Build Trust and Create Value”. Southwest Valet strives to build trust with its clients by treating their guests with superior service and with its employees by appreciating and respecting them to gain their trust. And our dedication to creating value is by delivering excellence in service and greater ROI (return on the investment) than our competitors to increase the value of our business relationship with each of our clients.

We view building trust and creating value more than just a motto; it is our commitment to live by and to uphold every single day.


The Core Values – Our Driving Force


Perpetual Improvement

We use each and every situation as a learning experience in our commitment to improve our services.


Individual Respect  

Our dedication to involve each person in our organization to feel as respected as the CEO of or our largest client.


Honesty and Integrity

The commitment to maintain and strengthen our reputation for superior customer service, build trust, and create value that has transformed us into the organization that we are today.


Our Teamwork

Our employees take pride in working together as the essential components of a greatly motivated team to produce and deliver excellence in service.


Our Practices

The four fundamental operational standards that drive us to deliver reliable superior quality service for each client and their guests are:

  1. Punctuality
  2. Professional Appearance
  3. Friendliness (By greeting while maintaining eye contact, name recognition, and impressing the guests)
  4. Mindfulness at all times of Safety, Security and Neatness


These four operational standards along with our thorough training program are the benchmarks by which we measure our service quality.


Our Vision

We believe that by upholding our core values in our daily lives and consistently striving to provide our clients with superior service and providing our employees with opportunities for personal and economic growth will ensure a perpetual growth with profitability to Southwest Valet.   


Our administrative and field management teams are keen to provide the level of attention to every detail that separates us from our competitors. In a highly competitive valet parking service industry, our commitment to excellence in service makes us stand out above the crowd. 


Ensuring success to your event is the number-one goal of Southwest Valet.


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